Sunday, October 3, 2010

Star No Koi (JDrama) * * * * *

I started to watch this as my latest Japanese drama because it introduced the story as the Japanese take on Notting Hill. I remembered liking that movie, and I wanted to watch something romantic, so I started it. It may resemble the American movie, but it's just so much more.

Why do you fall in love with a story? There are some love stories, that you like, or find interesting. Some are cute. But there are still others, that just manage to touch something inside you that others may not. To each its own and no two people are affacted in the same way by a story. This one did manage to touch something inside me. I could never explain why, but I'm glad it did, because it will be a drama I will always cherish. Anyone who knows me may find that strange, as I'm not a romantic type, and generally detest love stories. There was, however, something so pure in this story, that it even broke through my barriers.

A strange thing is that what I will always remember the most about this story is not just the romance, but the guy eating eggs with rice and soy sauce straight from under the chicken. He never cooked the eggs by themselves. I want to eat eggs like that, though it wouldn't be very sanitary.

It's about two people. One a star, a beautiful actress, who constantly has love affairs, but none of them really touch her heart. Then she meets this man, who is not particularly handsome, nor smart, just a regular man working in an office. But for her, he is the one she had always been looking for. The one who changes everything. It's a Japanese story, so they may or may not get together, but all the same, I still managed to cry a lot.

Please, let them into your heart.

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