Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1) by E.L. James *

I first heard about this book from some friends, who didn't like it. Now I'm not the kind of person who rejects or likes a book just because the friends do. I like the Cassandra Clare books, I like the concept in them and find them exciting. Some people I know hate them.
Some friends adore The Hunger Games. I like the story, but the style of writing I have a problem with. Still read them, and wrote reviews.
I hate Twilight. Seriously. I read some of the books, and hated them. I know people who loved them.

So I read stuff from this book. Now English is not my first language, but my fiction has better language than some of the quotes I read. It was also discussed in a group where some people actually do live in a BDSM relationship. For people who love this book, this is NOT BDSM. I've read BDSM written by people who actually live it. I even researched it and online role played it. THIS IS NOT BDSM. A good dom doesn't do these. There are safe words. There is a contract, but it's mainly to limit the DOM, not the sub, and to make clear BOTH parties' expectations. It's supposed to be discussed what everyone feels comfortable with. And you don't go into it a VIRGIN. First you explore regular sex, then you can experiment with other stuff. And you research it. Though, why would I expect a 21-year-old girl who doesn't even have an email address (which I had since I was 15 and I was born in '82) to know how to research something online.
On Tumblr, there is a person reading it and putting quotes up. The virginity loss scene horrified me. It was the most disturbing scene I ever read. My first time was gentler than that and I was in pain for days. IRL, he would have ripped her to shreds, maybe even ending up in a hospital.
Still, when a really funny girl read it on Youtube, I managed to listen to it up to chapter 8. I could only stand it, because she was freaking out over the idiocies in the book as much as I was. It was as terrible as the bits I read.

So people, who love this book, please, at least, don't think BDSM is that. And please, examine, why you want to be in an abusive and controlling relationship, because last time I checked, it's 2012, not some past century where it was okay if your husband beat you up if you burned the supper.

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