Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Colony (2013) *

I'm really mad at this movie. Mad with disappointment. After watching the trailer some time ago, I was excited to see this. Now, I just want to kill the people who couldn't translate the awesomeness in the trailer to the movie.

Let's start with the story. It starts out good. Post-apocalyptic world, good. Characters having tension, there. Love angle, present. See? Lots of potential. When they decide to go to the other colony, you get excited. They even learn something very important there, that you think is going to be the endgame of the movie. Instead, when it does end, you have a WTF moment. I usually don't use such things in my reviews, but seriously, that's the only way it could be described. Like halfway through the budget ended, and they decided to leave it at that. Or it was the first episode in a TV series. Yeah, I could actually see this continued in a TV series.

The acting couldn't have been much of a challenge. You have Laurence Fishburn playing his usual authority figure. As if he was still the same person he played in CSI, but after he left, the world ended and he got stuck in the colony.
Don't be fooled by the picture though, he's not the main character. It's actually Kevin Zegers' character, Sam. He does a good job, but not a demanding role. Maybe just in the amount of running he had to do.
Bill Paxton's role is such a cliché, it almost hurt. In every one of the stories you need the guy who just wants to be the king of the junk yard. However, I didn't expect too much depth in the story, just some entertainment, so I guess he could stay.

I thought that this was one of the most disappointing movies that I've ever seen. They had a potential here, and ended up doing one of those mindless "running from zombies / things that want to eat you" movies. I get that they are hip now. However, it can be done without me wanting to slap someone, and scream at them: "You had all this potential and you wasted it on THIS?"
Watch this movie, if you like to see people running from stuff. Also, watch it if you want to see good world-building wasted. Watch it if you are looking for a good base for a fanfiction. Otherwise, stay away!

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