Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3) by Marissa Meyer * * * * *

Cress is the third instalment in the Lunar Chronicles. The first two I read in a few days, and I was thankful that they were both out. I had been waiting for the next book for several months. Was it worth it? Oh yes. It's not as fast paced as the first two. Those also felt more together. Perhaps because there were fewer characters. What it doesn't lack is events. There was a lot going on.

The main focus of the story, if it can be called that, since it wasn't that pronounced, was Cress. I kind of loved her. She is fragile and strong at the same time. Capable and lost. I love her dreamworld. In a way I could identify with that, because I do make up stories in my head with me as the central character as well. I was alone a lot too, though not as much as her.
The other characters developed through the story. Mostly Cinder, of course, since she has the most on her shoulders. Thorne has also grown, and I was happy to see more of him in this story.

It is hard to write about the book without spoilers. The middle was a bit slow, but it quickly picked up. Things that I loved about the book:
  • sand - I see, I'm not the only one in the world who can’t stand it,
  • Dr. Erland - showed me that Meyer is not afraid to break our hearts,
  • pictures - there were some scenes that I could see in a movie being absolutely screenshot-worthy.

Overall, great instalment. The ending was kind of surprising, and it also built up to the next book well. It gave me a sense of closure, but anticipation. I didn't feel that the characters were broken off mid-sentence, while it was kind of a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for Winter. Can’t give less than 5 stars.

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