Thursday, June 26, 2014

Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2) by Richelle Mead * * * *

I picked up this book after having enjoyed the first one in the series. I only gave that one 3 stars, because I couldn't decide if I was less thrilled by the story because I had seen the movie, or because it was just not a very thrilling story. The second book I read a lot faster. Finishing a book, in spite of it not being very long, within a week is pretty uncommon for me nowadays. However, about the last 25% was very exciting, and I almost missed my stop on the metro because of it. In fact, the metro was having problems, going extra slow today, and I didn't mind, because I was reading. Returning home I finished it quickly.

The story itself picks up right after the last book. I liked how it started, it was kind of mysterious like some of the events in the first book. Though while that one had an actual mystery, this one didn't really. There were some weird things that were found out later, but the first book had an actual "whodunnit", and this one didn't. I was a bit disappointed by that fact. However, not enough not to be reaching for the next book right after finishing this one.
The romance was more in this book. It was a bit much for me, since I'm not very fond of love interests and the old "who should I go out with" dilemma. However, I liked how it tied into the story in the end. It wasn't just there for the sighs.

I felt that Lissa was a bit abandoned in this one. Though Rose felt a bit left out by Lissa as well. She didn't make a journey in this one and not some many things happened to her as previously. The focus was almost completely on our narrator, Rose. I didn't mind though, because Rose was a very busy girl. As a character, she did change thanks to the events in the story.

Overall, a fun, quick read. It doesn't give you earth shattering insight into the human psyche, but I guess no one who wanted to read that would go for something titled; "Vampire Academy".

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