Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meitantei no Okite (JDrama) * * * *

This is one drama that doesn't take itself seriously. Well, except for the last about five minutes. The initial concept is that it takes the clichés you can find in classical detective stories and ridicules them in a style not unlike the "Horror Movie", "Date Movie", etc. method. Except for the little fact that the three main characters actually know that they are in a drama with that goal, but this only increases the hilarity of the situations. The whole thing is actually funny and the episodes provide good entertainment.

For non-Japanese viewers I do have to note that the detective story concepts seem strange to us sometimes. This is because it's based on more Japanese detective stories than Western ones. The series I can find the most connection with is actually the anime "Detective Conan". Therefore I do advise watching a few episodes of that before watching this drama in order to understand some of the references.

Each episode can be viewed separately, and aside from the characters, they don't have much connection.

The main character is played by Matsuda Shota, whom we most know from Hana Yori Dango. He is a very good actor and performs very well in all his roles. He seems to become one with the character and makes them believable. This drama only made me want to see more of him. Not to mention that he's cute.
The role of the female cop is played by Kashii Yu. She is good as well and looking very pretty in all the different styles they put her in. It's interesting to note that she actually had a part in the second live-action movie made from "Detective Conan". She is the most serious character in the drama, and also the required newbie cop. She represents the viewer in the show, and also a refreshing spot of reality in a story that sometimes goes over the top with the crazy.
Kimura Yuichi in the role of the 'cop who can't solve cases' - Okawara Banzo - is not very well known for most drama fans as he hasn't appeared in many. He is a comedian and naturally performs well. His character is the cliché detective story character, the cop who can actually arrest the bad guys, but is not very smart.

I recommend the drama for people who love detective stories, and are looking for a fun filled time.

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