Monday, December 27, 2010

The Magician's Apprentice (The Black Magician Trilogy 0.5) by Trudi Canavan * * * * *

I really loved this book. Though at first I was a bit confused as to when it's actually happening, because there was no note on it. It happens in the Black Magician universe, and it's about the time before the founding of the Magicians' Guild, not long after they were freed from Sachakan rule. It gives an interesting insight into those times, and it also reveals what Sachaka was before a lot of it turned to a wasteland. It has a war in it, battles, issues of sexuality and a bit of romance. I won't go into any more details, but it's a definite page-turner. It broadens the whole universe just before reading the next series in it. I hope we will see a lot more of this world and perhaps in future novels visit some other countries as well. The possibilities are endless, and I believe we can be witnesses to the creation of a new fantasy universe which will be among those most beloved by the fans of the genre.

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