Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Magicians' Guild (The Black Magician Trilogy #1) by Trudi Canavan * * * * *

This is one of the best fantasy books I've ever read. I feel that it's a crime that not more people are reading her books. It should also be translated into my native language, so that I could have other read it as well.

This story is not your avarage fantasy. There is no quest to undertake, no clear lines of who is bad and who is good. You may think that one character is the greatest enemy, only to find out that the person is a friend. There are mysteries to figure out. The main character grows a lot from a little girl to a woman. So in a way it's a coming of age story. It's fast paced and interesting and I can promise everyone, you start reading and don't stop until your eyes are tearing up, and you're yawning so big that you could swallow the book.

I've hear it compared to Harry Potter because it also takes place in a magical school. However, this school is not Hogwarts. These kids aren't just learning spells, they're learning how to use magic in a battle as well.

Sonea, the main character is only a child. She's poor, and she's not supposed to have magical powers, but of course she does. She is scared, and tries to get away, plunging into the underworld of Imardin. It was exciting, because partly I wanted her to be found for her own good, but I also didn't. 

The book is a first part of a series, and it does sometime feel like it. It can drag. However, I'm sure if they had the first three books of the series in one book, like they do Lord of the Rings, it wouldn't feel like it. When I finished the series, I realised that it was a long journey from where Sonea started, to where she ended up. It may start like a girl going to a magical school, but the end is so far removed from that world, it seems unreal.

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