Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wetworld [Abridged] by Mark Michalowski (Audiobook) * * * *

I listened to the audiobook version of this story.

This is the first one that I listened to, and was ready by Martha, that is, Freema Agyeman. I thought her reading style and her voice were very good. She did the parts of the Doctor well, and in character.

The story takes place on an alien planet. It's ironically called "Sunday". The Doctor once said that on Sunday nothing happens, but here many things did. The story wasn't all that fabulous to me. While it was interesting, and not boring at all, it was slightly predictable. Though towards the end I did have a moment of classic; "Now how will they survive this?" It just made me wish that it wouldn't obviously be mind control again. I don't think I gave away anything with that.

The supporting cast are nice. I especially liked Candice, who was one of those people who actively help the Doctor, and are even effective. Kind of made me wish they took her along for the ride.

Overall, it's a fun adventure. While the audiobook is abridged, it doesn't feel to lack anything. Though it is rather short. However, the flow and the pacing are excellent.

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