Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) * * * *

The movie is an alternate version of the book. That is what I have to state first of all. I've read the book, and while the two do have similarities, there are major differences as well. As I've talked about it in a previous review, it's important for me that the movie can be watched by people who haven't read the book, more so, than how true they were to the original plot line.
For anyone who had seen the first movie, which I hope they did, since without it this movie doesn't make a lot of sense, the obvious difference was that they were four years older. This of course gave the whole story a different dimension, since they were a lot more adult, and there was also some of the usual teen looks they were giving each other. I have to confess, I felt that this was a good change. The adventures were a bit too much for thirteen-year-olds.
The story was very different as well. That was apparent from the first scene, though a movie is always pressed for time, and the changes did make sense. They did leave in some important elements, like the bull and Rainbow. There were some major cuts in the adventure, but the movie swept the viewer along, and didn't lack excitement.
The 3D was used well. Some pictures were clearly put there for the benefit of it, but if I sit into a cinema to watch 3D, then I want to get some of the joys that only that can give.

Logan Lerman looked a bit weird as Percy this time around. He seemed to have bulked up a lot, and that was strange. Otherwise, he was still good for the role.
Tyson was very different from the cyclops in the book. I suppose they wanted to give him a more well-rounded role, but it still felt out of place. He talked too much, and maybe they played up the angst surrounding him a bit more.
Annabeth felt more in character this time around, than she did in the previous movie. In the first adaptation, she didn't seem as clever as she was in the book, and was made even meaner, since some of the things that Clarisse originally did was given to her. This time Clarisse was in the story as well, and the two girls were an integral part.
Grover had a bigger part in the story than he did in the book, which gave more opportunity to his special brand of comic relief.
Luke was more active than in the book. The ending was very different, and gave Luke less role, while the previous installment's ending gave him a bigger role. So it evened out. The scene did give a good opportunity to make use of some 3D CGI, so it worked well in the movie. However, he didn't feel as clever as in the book.
I do have to mention a casting change. While in the first movie Chiron was played by Pierce Brosnan, this time it was changed to Anthony Stewart Head. While a surprise, I didn't mind, since I like both men. Though the character seemed to change a bit as well. While Brosnan's Chiron was more forceful, more powerful, Head was more relaxed and pensive. It didn't feel like a bad change, but it was a difference.

Overall, good movie. Even my mum enjoyed it, and came out smiling. That is important, because if she thinks something is too juvenile, then it is. Therefore, older lovers of adventure can enjoy it as well.
Those who have read the book can enjoy. It's different enough to hold a few surprises, but still contains some of the most important elements.
Those who had not read the books will surely want to try them. I do recommend starting from the first one for them, but more good reading material can never be a problem.

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