Monday, September 16, 2013

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns (The Devil Wears Prada #2) by Lauren Weisberger *

I really don't have much to say about this book, as I only got to 11%. Let me try to gather my thoughts.

This book is obviously a money-making attempt. The latest books of Lauren Weisberger probably didn't sell as well as The Devil Wears Prada. I wasn't that keen on that book either, but you can read my review of it as well. The point is, the movie was a lot better.
The real reason why that book sold was not the main character, which I believe is Lauren herself. If that's how she really is, I'm sorry, I'd never like to be her friend. She's whiny and often hopeless. Now it has been a while since I read the previous book, and I don't intend to repeat the experience. I do remember that the job was tough. So are most first jobs. However, how awful it must have been to take part in a party at the Met, which I remember her hating. Overall, if you don't care for fashion, don't get a job at a fashion magazine. The only redeeming factor of that whole story was Miranda, her boss, who didn't seem that bad to me. I've had worse.
However, in this sequel, Miranda is gone. All that we hear about is Andy. She is just getting married to a rich guy in high society, who has some issues because of his father. Prince on a white horse doesn't seem to cover the guy. In the 11% I read, they meet, fall in love, get engaged, and are to be married. Her only problem is the mother-in-law. Can someone say cliché? At least, make it an uncle or something! Story wise, this is about how far I got, when I felt that watching paint dry was more fun. There was some plot going on with a letter the mother-in-law wrote, but really, if you have that much faith in your husband-to-be, you shouldn't be getting married in the first place.

Character wise, this is Andy 10 years down the line. She has a bridal magazine together with her old colleague, Emily, who had landed her own rich husband. How did that happen? I didn't find out how they became besties. We do learn some of how the magazine was started. However, am I the only one who has a problem with Andy anywhere near fashion???? I'm sure I wasn't the only one who looked at that with a raised eyebrow. One would think that in 10 years she would at least be able to dress herself. Still, at the beginning we see Emily lending her a dress, because she didn't take proper clothes to The Hamptons. Obviously, the woman had 0 growth in that department. Therefore, I really never got what she was doing with a bridal magazine. Andy, this completely boring person hadn't changed at all.

Overall, I just didn't want to read more of this. I've had to read enough terrible books in my life for school, now that I'm out, I'd rather not waste my time. I didn't care for Andy's bridal problems. If this plain Jane got her prince or not. She could have hung herself in pain, and I wouldn't care one bit. So my recommendation is, don't buy this book. Really, don't waste your money on something so terribly ... snooze worthy. If Ms. Weisberger wants our money, she should make more of an effort, and try to write something worth reading.

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