Monday, September 30, 2013

The Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #3) by Rick Riordan * * * *

I couldn't put this down. Literally, almost. I read the whole book in a day. The adventure just swept me along.

The story started in a school again. It's sort of a pattern, that the book always has to start with Percy in a school. Though this time, it's not a school he actually goes to. He was also not alone, but with his two friends. They were there on a mission. From then on, it was non-stop action.
I think we meet the most amount of gods in this book, that we actually see Percy talking to on a personal level. It's also the most tragic book so far, and I did find myself crying a little at one point. Okay, maybe two.

Percy is becoming a real teen boy now, and there are some mentions of love too. How he gradually changes in that respect is interesting to see. He doesn't just suddenly become interested in the opposite sex, as in some cases that I've seen. I feel I am really a witness to his maturing through the series.
While the previous two books had mostly male heroes, this time we have mostly female heroes. I loved Artemis' Hunters, that was a great concept. The hunters that we get to meet feel like individuals, and not stereotypes, or generic characters. Even the one whose name we just learned felt like a real person.
Annabeth and Grover are great, and I grew to like Thalia a lot as well. In this adventure there was less of a separation, the group mostly stuck together, unlike in the previous one.
I have to mention Blackjack. Now there was a personality! I'm scared of heights, but I'd love to ride on his back if he let me. The coolest pegasus I've ever read about.

Overall, this was another fun adventure. I'm gobbling up the series in record time, but it's really hard to put it down for me at this point. I love how the series situations are mixed with the fun things. Like killing a monster with space food. Really. It happened.

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